Does he like you as a girlfriend or just a friend? – TIP

A man can put you in the friend zone.

He will call you, be flirty and when the natural flow would call for a romantic kiss, he does nothing.

This can happen because he is either shy or insecure.

It can happen as well if he sees you as friend rather than girlfriend.

If he does not initiate intimacy and seems uncomfortable when you do, he’s definitely putting you in the friend zone.

What to do?

You can either let go and focus on other guys or try to increase your value in his eyes.

Here are a few elements that will make him more attracted to you:

  • He sees that you are prequalified by other men and other guys like you.
  • Your life is exciting and you appear independent and happy.
  • You know how to be sexy and flirty.
  • You are socially active and are in touch with a whole network of interesting people.
  • You know how to take care of yourself and live healthy.
  • You have ambitions and are very creative within a fascinating career line.
  • Etc.

All these elements ad “value” in his eyes.

The interesting part is that all these qualities can be consciously increased and developped.

If you feel you don’t “score” high enough in his mind, start taking steps to increase this social value.

You might be amazed to see him radically shifting the way he relates to you.

By the way, adding value in some of these areas is not just a one time step.

It is a long term consistent focus to be better in that field and does build up the “attraction” factor in you.

It can easily take 1 to 3 months to actually gain a few points in one of these areas.

Stay focused and follow up on your strategic steps!

To your love life!