Emotional vulnerability and how to overcome it – ARTICLE

One of the key challenges you can face along your spiritual development line is a power gap.

When this happens, you need solid strategies to connect with sources of power inside and outside of you.

When you feel emotionally vulnerable, you feel like events in your life are slipping out of your hands.

You miss a sense of control or authority over what happens to you.

You feel irritable, psychically weak and vulnerable.

You feel as well that you have to put out lots of effort simply to maintain a healthy energy level in your system.

You end up meditating a lot or getting lots of help but somehow do not manage to break through.

Your life feels drained and often controlled by others.

All these signs tell you one thing: you face a power gap.

When this happens, you need to wake up!

A battle is going on!

A luke warm response is not enough.

You need to go to battle.

What is the battle field? It is your mind and your life.

Your spiritual evolution is a conquest of your personal and spiritual being.

The “inner gold” you want to protect and defend is life power.

Conflicts for life power are the reasons you can end up in tensions along your spiritual development line.

You can spend years denying this aspect of existence but it is there no matter what.

If you give up the authority you have over your life, other people will be happy to take this over and control your existence.

This is not a paranoid vision. It is simply an organic reaction.

There is a principle in science which says: “Nature hates emptiness”

When there is a gape somewhere, this gap ends up being filled.

Your being needs a certain amount of power to function.

Power is a “grounding energy” which stabilizes your existence on this planet.

The moment you focus on spiritual targets like harmony, love, happiness, light, self realization, you invoke a higher level of life force in your system.

You simply grow spiritually.

Now, if you truly want to stabilize the results you get, you need to equally increase your level of power and authority.

Your mind is a territory.

The more “inner” gold you have, the more power you need to protect it.

Suppose you have a field of crops.

You just planted them.

If you don’t want this crops to be stolen, you need to create an extra fence to protect what you created.

This fence is a sense of control over what happens in your territory.

In the case of spiritual development, this territory is your mind.

Here is another example: suppose you put lots of energy to create a one square meter garden down town New York. You can imagine that unless you protect this small garden, people will step over your flowers and all your work will be for nothing.

This is very symbolical of what happens with your spiritual development: you focus on qualities like inner beauty, joy, bliss and touch on all these mystical experiences.

You open up, right?

While you open up, there are millions of people on this planet who go exactly in opposite direction: they create power, wealth and develop a skin which becomes thicker and thicker.

When you step out of your meditation session or yoga class and confront yourself with this outer reality, there is a clash of energies.

You might radiate beauty out but power is reflected into your system.

There is simply an organic exchange of energy.

All the beauty and harmony you created is instantly transferred to your environment and your mind gets invaded by a new set of powerful energies: the outer material reality.

You need extra power to protect your inner temple.

In a way, there is nothing to worry about.

The moment you accept this reality, you simply take steps to gain extra power and give yourself all the tools you need to preserve the harmony, beauty and power of your inner space.

There is an illusion or myth amongst spiritual seekers who believe that with enough meditation, focus and will power, you will eventually overcome negative energies.

This is not the case!

This is an illusion!

The best way to protect and preserve your life is to take physical action.

Sure, empowering your mind and body through practices will set you up on a positive course.

Now, the best way to protect your life and energy is not to send a telepathic message, it is to utter clear words: “Don’t mess with me”.

Many monasteries, churches, mosques and ashrams have been destroyed over human history because of the illusion that faith only was enough.

In 95% of the cases, it’s not!

Wake up!

The best way to gain material wealth is not to sit down and wait for money to miraculously appear on your front door, it is to develop skills and follow the business laws.

Sure, setting your mind in the right posture and removing limiting beliefs is essential.

However, it is not enough!

What brings you from where you are to where you want to be is action.

Always remember this.

These are human existence laws.

You, like anyone else is subject to them.

Sure, work with the forces of nature, use your common sense and instincts.

Go with the flow and respond to opportunities when you see them.

It is not only about will power and determination.

You can win this battle using wise strategies and all your inner resources.

If you feel emotionally vulnerable, work of strategies, techniques, approaches and actions which do increase your level of power.

Once you accept to play the game and pick up the challenge, you will see new tools and weapons falling in your hands.

Most gods in any form of mythology have a warrior dimension to them. They do fight battles because these battles are part of human development.

They are the reflection of conflicting energies.

They are at the interface between your present and your future.

They are the effect of evolution energies working through you.

Dare to play the game!