Energy disturbances and how to make your life superconductive – ARTICLE

When you are unhappy or worried you can always trace this emotion back to an energy blockage in one way or another.

Sometimes, this energy blockage is in the form of an undigested emotion.
Most of the times, though it will simply be something that is physically unsolved.
It can be a physical tension or pain.
It can be a tension between you and someone else.
It can be pressure coming from society.
It can be pressure from a boss or customer.
The thing is that ALL these pressures always have a solution.
It is actually pretty rare to identify an energy blockage that has no solution.
The way to unlock any energy block in your system is to empower the flow which will free you from that tension.
In most cases, this means taking action.
For instance, if it is physical pain you feel, doing some yoga for a couple of weeks will ease the pain and bring back the flow.
If you face a communication challenge with a friend, sitting down and having a chat might solve this tension.
If it is pressure from a customer, you can do something about it by listening to their needs and finding a diplomatic solution, right?
In all these cases, it is usually possible to identify a very specific action that will unblock the tension and bring back life flow.
So, this is the first thing to REALLY get:
Positive action can frequently unblock an energy disturbance.
It is a matter of:
  • Identifying EXACTLY the disturbance that bothers you = Understand
  • Chosing the best action to tackle it = Strategizing
  • Implementing = Taking action
This is it!
I know that this is vague, right?
We are not yet talking about VERY specific situations you are facing.
Well, here is what to do next…
I am pretty sure that if you sit down for 5 minutes, you can identify the top 5 things that bother you at least a bit right now.
I know too that in most cases there is a VERY specific action you take to unblock this disturbance in your life.
I know as well that within a given period of time, you can usually remove or greatly reduce this specific disturbance by taking action.
It might take you a day, a month or even a year.
The thing is that there is most probably a solution for what disturbs you right now.
So… The next question is:
If there is a solution, what exactly stops you?
It is simple:
  • Lack of time
  • Lack of focus
  • Lack of energy
Understanding a blockage, strategizing and taking action requires some time and energy.
Yes, investing money to find a solution for instance by hiring a consultant to help you solve a business challenge could be the step to take.
Money is a form of energy.
When you say “I don’t have time” or “I don’t have the energy”, what you are in fact saying is “I have other priorities”, “My time and energy are already invested somewhere else”.
Yes, you do have time, energy and focus but you are simply investing these somewhere else.
It can be because of pressure of course.
For instance, if you have a 2 year old, they need your attention, right?
It is often challenging to take time for yourself when you are pressured to give your energy somewhere else.
The key is that:
They are simply invested in other aspects of your life.
So, that’s the real reason why you might not tackle a specific disturbance:
It is simply because that disturbance is not high enough in your priority list.
Suppose that you feel some slight pain in your anckle. You can live with it. you did not reach the “breaking point” that forces you to take action.
Another element that can discourage you from even trying is the fact that you might not see a solution or that you think that the solution will be too hard to implement.
In other terms, this is lack of trust in either yourself or the freeing process.
The real reason I am shraing this with you is because I see people missing opportunities to better their lives all the time.
This happens precisely because their top priorities don’t include removing disturbances.
The thing is that these disturbances are like brakes which are “On” all the time.
In other terms, they drain your energy!!!
Worrying doesn’t help much!
On the contrary! It is a waste of time.
What really does help is taking a few minutes to analyze what’s happening, designing a strategy and implementing it.
Now, we are talking!
Here is what I encourage you to do:
Take at least half a day/week for yourself!
Invest 10% of what you earn back directly in yourself.
That’s your body and mind.
I am not talking about a piece of furniture or one more set of plates for the house!
I am talking about you!
Invest in your body and mind at least 10% of what you earn!
YOU are doing all the work!
YOU should get the rewards!
And… I know you heard this before, but, YES!!!! YOU are worth it!
So, here is what I encourage you to do next time you feel a disturbance:
Rather than delaying action and being ok with this disturbance (draining source of tension), take action and do something about it now!!!
Before you take action, sit down for a sec and identify the best action line.
Simply jumping in the battle in incoherent ways might not give you the results you want.
You need to make sure that the action you plan to take will bring you at least one step closer to your goal.
What’s this goal?
  • Emotional freedom
  • Superconductivity
  • Problem free zone
  • Life mastery
Not bad, right?
These targets are within your range and to reach them, you need to start acting now!
Don’t delay!
Take action!
You will be amazed of what happens when you do!
To your power!