Explore a dating site as if it was a new city

Explore a dating site as if it was a new city

Simple, when you log on to a dating site, you give it a first shot… Unless you are extremely hansom, rich and carry with you the total set of qualities, there are good chances that you’ll get little or no responses…

Smash! In the face of your self esteem… You think it’s because of you but have an eye to those stats (see below…)

What you need is a strategy, an original approach…

First advice: PERSEVERE

You won’t understand the market at first sight

Second advice: DIVERSIFY

If you are in a city, and you know only one shop, or one building, or on street, how is it? Boring!!!… Look around, choose, select, explore like a little kid with big eyes.

Third advice: HAVE FUN

Try things, learn from mistakes, handle rejection…, develop yourself, your personality, your being, and develop your skills, appearance… Create your “dating body”… A dating body is the role you play… We all play roles in life, according to what is required from us… You remain authentic… We don’t mean cheating… No… You adapt, develop skills, play with life.