Find a solution

Here are some key ideas on finding and implementing solutions. The following model is a 6 steps process I apply in many of my own life situations.

I successfully use this model with my clients as well. It is effective, easy to implement and gives you great results. Here it is in 6 easy steps:

Step 1: Isolate the problem

Making the problem bigger than it is, is a natural tendency. Isolate the problem first and reduce it to its real size.

Step 2: Write down your options

Take a white page and write down all the possible options you have, even the ones which do not seem realistic.

Step 3: Design a strategy

Select some one or more of your options and design a more detailed course of action.

Step 4: Take action

Taking action is what shifts a situation. It is what makes the difference. It always means slightly going beyond your comfort zone.

Step 5: Follow up

Sometimes a message needs to be repeated a few times to be effective. Be sure you follow up on the steps you have to take.

Step 6: Learn from it

Learn from your experience. Be sure you do what it needed so that the problem does not surface again. You can as well design quick responses strategies in case the same situation happens again.

It can take a while to integrate how to do it. Once you learn it though, you’ll realize how easy and direct it is to find solutions. It is a single life skill that you’ll use for a life time.



More on this…

A solution is much more than a tip or a strategy. It is a complete evolution and action line which contains all aspects of success in it.

When you want a solution, you are looking for an energy connection, a stream, something which gives you not only the ideas but the energy to take action as well.

This is why a solution is much more than an idea or a strategy. An idea is part of a larger energy reality. An idea is the visible part the iceberg. Under the water, there is a larger plan and vision.

This larger plan is the true solution. This larger plan is formless. It is free and can be adapted to your own unique situation.

What truly matters is the path you choose and where this path takes you. Does the path you choose have the capacity to deliver what it says it can deliver?

Good luck and stay in touch