Find answers before you start

Find answers before you start

Best practices for a winning mind

Are you sabotaging yourself with negative thoughts and feelings?

Are you tired of missing opportunities or letting yourself be taken in a negative belief spiral?

Having more power over what happens in your mind is a great challenge.


Possible sources

Is your life revolving around negative patterns? Here are some possible causes:

Negative past experiences

Difficulties in your childhood. Feelings of failure. Negative professional or affective experiences.


Lack of support in your environment, lack of love from family, friends. This includes as well lack of social recognition.

Negative perspective

You actually achieved a lot in your life but maintain a negative opinion of your successes. You forgot to celebrate your victories and moved by an inner drive, you created an “ambition tension” in your life. You are a typical overachiever.

Too comfortable

Your self limiting beliefs have become your comfort zone. Deciding to be happy means taking a risk. It is stepping beyond the limits of what you already know. You are not truly willing to take an opening step. You feel that your negative beliefs are your only protection.

“Success” is too much for me

Somehow, terms like success, achievement, victory, triumph, and accomplishment scare you. The idea of succeeding and being suddenly in the “front line” is a challenge you can’t face. You prefer not giving anyone the impression they could envy you. You feel more comfortable with keeping a low profile.

Already tried

You tried a few times to shift your mind and faced rejection from your environment. Or you might feel that your trials were not successful. Decided to give up.

“Happiness is silly”

Deep inside there could be this subtle belief that “happiness is silly”. You identify positivism with pink clouds and eternal spring. You simply don’t recognize or access the “power” and “refinement” dimension of happiness.

Not decided yet

You did not take a conscious decision to do something about it. You might not like the way your mind works but life still goes on. You did not reach yet this crisis point where you decide to do something about it.

Lack of success

It seems that life is not responding. You tried everything you can and still hit yourself on a brick wall. After son many unsuccessful attempts you start believing there is something wrong with you or your approach towards life.


You might be fatalist and simply don’t believe that anything can be done about it.

Lack of resources

You might be ready but miss time, energy, financial resources. You might have other urgent priorities and can’t manage to set up time for yourself.

Too high expectations

Having too high expectations can put your life under tremendous stress. Trying to reach a distant goal can on the long term make you extremely dissatisfied and unhappy, generating a feeling of inner failure.

Yes but how?!!!

You want to shift your self-limiting beliefs but miss strategies, approaches, techniques, and external support.

Other causes


External sources?

There can be clearly “external” causes to your self limiting beliefs. Your environment can definitely create a blockade and reinforce a poor self esteem.

Are there any external causes stimulating your self-limiting beliefs?

Here are some examples:

Someone is pulling you down

Is a close friend, a parent or your partner destroying your self-esteem? You might be willing to try new things but get systematically turned off by someone else’s negativity.

Negative context

Negative professional environment. Difficult home location. Etc.

Negative events in your life

Poor health, sickness or accident. Death of a loved one. Relationship crisis, separation or divorce. Etc.

Other causes