Find love

Find love

The best way to find love is to actively care for all life and human beings on the planet. Actively care means more than just thinking about it. It is expressing it with action. This is the number one technique.

Once love is naturally expressed in your life as a flow of positive action, you will find it very easy to care and love someone in particular.

If we talk about finding love as finding a life partner, the best is to take action again. Hesitating and not taking steps is the best way to stop your life flow. Finding a partner has to do with taking a few steps every day that bring you closer to finding him. To be successful with that, it is essential to have a strategy and develop skills to evolve in the dating scene. The idea that love will just “happen” to you is a possibility of course, but if you feel like it’s taking too much time, take your destiny in your hands and give it a little help.

To set you on track, here is what you can do as well:

write down this mantra:

Shiva – Shakti

Male – Female

They are personified deities and express the ideal relationship between a man and a woman. Writing these words in Sanskrit means invoking these realities inside of you and giving them space to expand. You are inviting the essence of the love between a man and a woman in the core of your being.

Whenever you feel an emotional gap, lack of happiness, related with man-woman relationship, write these words down on a white paper. Repeat it as much as you want, daily, whenever you feel like, wherever you are. Write it down and keep what you wrote. Keep it around, in your house, in your pocked, wallet, etc.

You can as well whisper, remember, focus on the mantra, repeat it internally when meditating or when laying down to sleep in the evening.

To integrate a technique, you should try it for a week or so (a lifetime if you feel like…). After that the technique becomes a habit pattern you can tap into whenever you feel like.

How does it impact in you?