Finish unfinished business with her – TIP

This means getting rid of whatever she left behind, giving it back to her or getting back your own stuff from her.

If you have a business together and you decide that you no longer want to work together take care of that URGENTLY and make it your top priority!


Because this unfinished business really holds you back.

It polarizes energy and stops you from moving forward.

The moment you finish this business with her by dissolving it, buying it from her or selling it to her, you FREE energy!

That’s one of the qualities you need the most to start over: free energy!

If you have children together or still share assets like a property, stocks or a shared bank account, solve that as well.

With children, put in place a solid agreement you are both happy with and which takes care of their well being and security.

Decide who gets them when and who pays for what.

Once these invisble threads are disssolved you feel this fresh wind of potential blowing in your sales!

That’s called freedom!