First date stress – Should we meet or not? – ARTICLE

When you have been interacting online for a while, meeting up in person is the next natural step.

Usually, you can definitely go for it but you must take a couple of precautions:

· The first step is to make sure you are safe. If you see any warning signs like lies in disguise or other unclear feelings about him, lack of information, listen to your instincts and trust yourself. Meet in a public place.

· The second step is to lower your expectations. Simply meet him and keep it light.

You are not committing yourself to anyone, simply having a light date with someone you like.

Focus on having a fun time.

About your looks, make sure you are in your best light.

If you feel that your image and appearance do not reflect who you are, do something about it and go out of your way to look really nice.

Do some extra training if you have to, get yourself a new dress and invest in the outside as much as the inside.

The way you look tells a lot about the way you feel.

Play the game.

In a way, this is a good test and the perfect occasion to make yourself attractive.

Invest in yourself!

You’ll feel this immensely empowering and it will open up a whole new door of confidence in you.