Fun of dating – ARTICLE

Dating is fun!

It is about enjoying life.

Once you know how to deal with your life’s emotional and material challenges, the goal is to enjoy your love life.

When you connect with dating, you connect with a very specific environment.

If you want to succeed with dating, you need two types of energies: Love and power.

Dating is an exchange of love.

That’s one side of the story.

The other side of the story is a battle for power.

Dating is a challenging environment.

People compete with each other for attention.

Once you connect with a man, you “compete” as well with that man on an energy level:

· Who will call who?

· Will he reject me?

· Does he like me?

· Is he telling me the truth?

All these questions are the reflection of a battle going on.

This battle is a conflict of energies.

There is your life plan and there is his life plan.

These two visions can either work together or clash against each other.

You might agree on specific points but then disagree on others.

There is a battle of interests, power and energies going on as soon as you relate to someone else.

This is called power dynamics.

Sometimes the energy base you are in is very harmonious.

You know how to live together.

You have similar perspectives on life.

You feel this profound sense of complicity.

This means that your power base is harmonized.

Power dynamics is the reason you can actually get lost in the dating world.

You can fall in love with someone who does not love you back.

You can get rejected, be judged, be betrayed or even be insulted by someone else’s actions.

Now, all this must not stop you from dating!

Not at all!

If you stop and step back, you loose the battle!

Why is that?

Because love is precious.

You deserve a lot of it.

Dating and love are aspects of your life you want to own and conquer.

Sometimes, you are lucky enough to have all this given to you naturally.

It seems to just happens.

However, very often, winning the “dating and love challenge” requires extra focus, energy and new skills.

This is why you got this e-book, right?

You want to master your dating life.

Imagine being in a storm in the sea.

The goal is to be able to deal with any circumstances.

Sometimes you will be challenged, true!!!

Now, with effective strategies and extra power, you can deal with any challenge.

Your mind is powerful.

Your instincts are awake.

In a way a part of you already knows all the right moves.

All you need to do is wake up your dating instincts and trust yourself.

You want to go into the dating world and stay emotionally free.

You don’t want to create dependent liaisons.

You want to exchange with men in a positive way without feeling like your life will collapse if suddenly something happens.

Anything can happen: he might not return a call, step back, find someone else, cheat, be distant, focus on his career, loose interest, etc.

All these are challenges.

They are various forms of rejection.

Now, don’t be scared of that word.

Rejection is a challenge and with the right strategy, you won’t even feel it.

The moment you know you have a strategy for any situation, it gives you a massive confidence boost.

You trust life and stay awake!

Right now, you want to be armed for any dating challenge and be ready to deal with them any time.

At the end you will realize something: you are the one in charge and if something unexpected happens, you have all the tools to deal with it.

The dating world is a training ground.

It is a place where you can develop character and personality.

It is a life training environment which gives you the opportunity to master your life.

You master the dating environment by focusing on it.

You stay awake and realize that the underlying power dynamics are always present.

You simply learn how to work with these forces.

You gains skills and develop positive strategies to deal with any situation.

You thrive with your love experience.

It is like surfing the waves.

When you are on a rough beach, you can be taken over by the power of the sea.

The sea is symbolically your emotions.

There is power behind it.

It is part of the forces of nature.

Your instincts and desires are part of the forces of nature.

Your goal as a human being is to work with these forces, not to be overtaken by them.

Your emotions and instincts are very powerful.

They are the driving fire in your life.

Your passion is your emotional fuel.

What brings you to dating is desire.

You can see that without desire, you would probably not take a step.

Now, desire is a beautiful force.

It is a nectar of energy in you.

The goal is to use this force, work with it and tame it when needed.

Take passion for instance:

You can be the slave of your passion or you can be it’s master.

What do you think is best?

You want to be the master.

Being the master does not mean controlling or suppressing.

It means using this infinite source of energy in a creative way.

You want to unleash your life power.

You want to unleash your emotions and give them space. At the same time, you want to give them direction.

Reason and logic give you direction.

Reason is a plan.

It is a vision of where you want to go.

Desire is your emotional fuel.

This is what powers you.

It is the wind in your sails.

As Khalil Gibran described in his book “the prophet”:

“The wind is your passion in your sails. Your reason is your helm which gives you direction.”

Without reason and direction, you would end going in circles driven by passion alone.

Staying emotionally free is a decision.

It is your decision.

This is what makes dating fun.

You thrive in it with all your power and awareness.

You establish key behaviors and attitudes which allow you to step forward in your life.

You want to open space, expand the level of joy, pleasure and freedom.

These are the qualities you want to protect in your life and in the next few pages, I will show you specific strategies to help you do exactly that!