Get over a guy – ARTICLE

I have a something important to tell you:

I don’t believe you ever forget about a man with who you shared something meaningful.

What you do is removing the traces of his presence in your life.

Getting over a guy means clearing your personal space.

It means as well clearing your emotional space.

The traces of his psychic presence in your life must be dissolved or clarified.

20 years from now, you might still have memories.

There is nothing wrong with invisible memories.

What you don’t want is that man having still undesired power over your life, emotions, thoughts and feelings.

This is a tough one, and I’m sure many women fail on that: to get over a guy, you have to get rid of the memories reminding you of his presence in your life.

This includes pictures, letters, objects, etc.

If you want your life to be focused on the future and not the past, you must give yourself the space to succeed with that.

Gaining emotional freedom is the key.

No one can do that for you but you can’t play a double game: do you want him in your mind or not?

There is a softer approach where your nurture the beauty of some past experiences.

This is when you enjoy these special memories, romantic moments, etc.

You can use a past love experience as a boost of energy which projects you into a successful future full of inspiration.

Remember the “Titanic” movie?

What happens to Rose when Jack is gone?

She has this incredible life because the memory of her lover still lives in her.

He becomes her inner voice which gives her inspiration, love, power and the thrill of an exciting life.

Who was that man in your life: your demon or your guardian angel?

Maybe a bit of both?