Give rhythm to your day! – Daily schedule – PRODUCTIVITY

Some type of actions suit better certain times of the day.

Here are some ideas to strategize your day.

Suppose that you work from home, get up at 7 am:

  • 7-8 am – Wake up your body – Personal care – Breakfast
  • 8-9 am – Respond to what needs attention first
  • 9-12 am – Productivity time (1) – Focus on matters most – Priority 1 actions – This is frequently the most productive period of the day
  • 12-12:30 pm – Lunch break + Energy break
  • 12:30-4 pm – Productivity time (2) – More relaxed period – Priority 2 actions
  • 4-6 pm – Training – Outdoor
  • 6-10 pm – Social time

This is not an absolute rock solid schedule, ok?

Some people will prefer working at night or having a more hectic approach.

This is fine if this suits better your personality and creative style.

If you have no clear picture of what to put where, I would start by focusing on work during the day, physical activities for late afternoon and social activities for the evening.

These are general guidelines.

Now, again, for practical reasons and because of your unique situation, it might be more convenient for instance to head for the gym early morning or spread your work day in the evening.

This is fine of course as long as it suits your needs and you reach your goals by doing it that way.

If you are self employed or entrepreneur, the goal is of course not to lock yourself within a time frame which could feel restricting in any way.

On the other hand if you look for ideas on how to strategize your day, I think that the schedule I describe is the type of that time frame that could work for you.

Give it a try and give yourself space to experiment.