Okay! This is how I started coaching in 2002!

Devastated friends trapped in the breakup zone for months or even years!

Dove into the topic! Coached dozens of men on getting their life back!

Developed into ebooks, video and audio programs and full on battle plan for high power recovery!

Two options if you’re in that zone right now

? 1 – Get the program and work on it in your own pace

? 2 – Sign up for sessions with me, remote or in person and I’ll add the program for you as a Bonus!

This last completely new version of the program is 77 videos from 2017! 7 modules! Around 7 hours of solid content, professionally filmed 2 years ago!

Dozens of targeted strategies!

One of the most powerful programs I ever created! It’s targeted, very specific and cutting edge when it comes to personal power!

If you’re a woman, you might be like “Yeah breakups are easy for men…”

I’ll give you a quick window of understanding in a male mind trapped in the breakup zone…

You might have no idea how deeply a man can get traumatized, impacted, wounded, devastated by an unwanted breakup or divorce.

I have examples of men who never fully recovered…

10 years later, their self esteem and personal power might still be a mess… Their romantic dreams shattered by life dynamics they don’t understand and have zero tools to deal with.

The typical line I hear from men is “Dude, I’m not equipped to deal with this sh*t”

What guys say is that nothing in life prepares them for this!

The challenge is that a breakup or divorce is not an exception, it is the norm and will probably happen multiple times in your lifetime!

Your ability to bounce back and reclaim your core is an essential life skill everyone should be able to access!

Yes! These strategies are designed for BREAKUPS AND DIVORCE.