He never makes an effort – ARTICLE

His behavior has nothing to do you.

It’s part of his character.

Some guys do take initiatives and arrange everything.

Some others don’t.

They don’t do it with girlfriends and they don’t do it with friends either.

They simply tend to delegate when it comes to organizing things.

Why is that?

Because organizing and taking an initiative takes time and energy.

Some men simply don’t know how to do it or have other priorities.

It is a personality trait and has nothing to do with his feelings towards you.

What to do with it?

Simple! It is his problem.

This can actually ruin friendships and relationships for him.

As you can see, you can run out of energy and simply stop relating to him because of it.

This is along the same line as being greedy, not showing emotions or systematically being late for appointments.

These personality aspects can stand on the way of having a great relationship.

If you are up to it, you can educate him with that.

You can invite him for a drink one time and say something like: “Look, there is something important I want to share with you… Can we meet at this cafe, Thursday 8pm?”

When you see him, say something like: “I care about you but something has been bothering me lately. I feel like I am always organizing things and taking the initiative and it is draining me. I tell you because I know we have something special but this is putting too much “weight” on me. What do you suggest?”

You see, this is non aggressive and non demanding. You face a challenge and you share it with him.

If he’s clever, he’ll respond to your call and change his behavior.

By the way, if you do educate him, give him space to truly take the lead. Let him decide and organize. Don’t come around telling him what and how he should do it.