He’s got lots of girls after him – Do I need to hurry? – ARTICLE

Essential question!

What you need to win the challenge is to be at your best.

Remove anything which you consider unattractive in you.

Don’t go to him and say that you like him.

Perfect your flirting skills instead and if you think you are not at your best, do something to be straight away.

Remember to stay cool and protect yourself emotionally.

If you have a crush on a guy who is very successful with girls, chances are that he will make you work harder to get to him.

If there is lots of competition, you need to apply all your flirting tools and perform at you your best.

Now, don’t pursue him.

You’ll sound needy if you do.

Respect his space and play fair.

This will give you an edge that guys like.

Give him consciously all the space and freedom he wants.

If he knows he can be with you without feeling limited in any way, it will be a massive turn on.

If you try to limit him or claim him and he’ll run away.

If you go after a guy who is very successful, all it means is that you have to multiply your flirting, dating and seduction skills.

Being good or average is not enough. You want to be the best.

This will force you to go deeper and perfect your charm and what you have to offer.

Trust your instincts and dare to play the game, fully!