How do I stop SEARCHING and JUST BE?!

How do I stop SEARCHING and JUST BE?!

I’ve been hearing from people and other sources for years that happiness is a “way” or “state”. You don’t strive or search for it. It does not come from external stimuli. You either choose to be happy or you choose otherwise. I have nothing to be unhappy about, but I find myself NOT looking at all the joy in my life. I want this and I want that; Fancy car, more money, my own home, etc, etc, etc. How do I stop SEARCHING and JUST BE?!



There are two voices speaking in you. The one which simply wants to relax and the one which wants more and more and always more.

When you relax, you look for peace, harmony. When you want more, you use your conquering power to get what you want. This wanting more is a thrill! It is a fire in you which drives your actions and your passions.

Here is a first idea:

There is nothing wrong with the fire itself, this conquering power gives you life. But it’s good to learn to relax in it. Go with the flow. Let go a bit of control, effort or discipline. Let go on the outcome and focus on the excitement fun, creative side of what you do. Focus on sharing your passion with others rather than material goals

Another idea:

If you want just to be, you have to create space for that. Simple. Decide for instance that on Fridays you do not work! You relax and only focus 100% on either social activities, being in nature, etc. If empty space bores you or frightens you, fill your time with activities which generate peace and harmony, like meditation or yoga, or a trip to a Pacific Island.