How else can you stimulate a chakra? – ARTICLE

Healers often focus on energizing and stimulating the flow of energy in various chakras.

For instance “Chi Nei Tsang” practices focus on harmonizing the solar plexus area.

You have more many more ways of stimulating or energizing given chakras.

For instance, Bushido breathing (from karate and other martial arts) focuses on the “sex center” just two centimeters under the navel.

This center is as well the body’s gravity center.

When you want to find balance, this is the point in your body where you want to focus.

Here is another example:

When you want to relax, you often cross your hands behind your head. You stretch your back and simply have your two palms opened in the back of your head.

This is an instinctual movement.

In fact, you can see this natural relaxation gesture as a way of energizing or harmonizing the “Medulla Oblongata” chakra in the back of your head.

This Chakra is often seen as a door into your psyche.

Energizing that center can be seen as a way of harmonizing your mind.

If you have seen the movie “The Matrix”, you know that this is the way information is transmitted into the mind. In that movie, the rebels have a needle planted in their minds via that chakra. The chakra itself is an actual circular device (some form of implant) visible in the back of the head.

Of course, the term chakra is not mentioned in the movie but at the same time the occult and entertainment meet at 100% on this concept. They simply describe the same reality with different words and images.

Remember how “Trinity” learns how to fly a helicopter instantly by having her piloting skills transmitted to her instantly via this back of the head gate way.

There are many more examples where the occult knowledge of the chakras coincides with visible actual manifestations.

For instance, the symbol of the crucifixion and bleeding palms and feet of the Christ is symbolical for the opening of the hands and feet chakras.

Hands chakras means power of creation. It is through his hands that the Christ did manifest many of his miracles. It is as if his hands had been initiated with a new incredible life force power.

Another example is the bindu (red, white or orange dot) Hindus wear in their forehead.

This bindu is a symbol of the opening of the Third eye chakra.

The red dot on this chakra is a symbol for a the purification or clarification of the mind. It is done as a symbol of devotion to a deity.

Here is another example: maybe you did see yourself in the past with your hands crossed and laying on the middle of your chest.

This can happen before going to sleep when you have this profound desire and need to find peace.

Letting your hands rest on your chest activates the heart chakra and stimulates the flow of harmony in your being.

If you do some more research, you could discover dozens of examples in mythological figures for instance where you see these chakras being symbolized in one way or another.