How to deal with bullies – SOCIAL POWER

This is a big one!

People who harass you can really make your life miserable.

It can happen at work, between family members or friends.

The reason why it happens is because that’s simply how some people spend their lives.

They feed from offensive behaviors and take pleausre in putting other people down.

You have to realize that this gives them energy!

That’s why they do it.

It is a strategy in competitive behaviors and they simply want to win over you.

This is a vast topic and I won’t cover everything here.

Simply know for now that the reason they harass you or anyone else is because they can.

If you are their target, it is because your level of power is not high enough.

To step out of this role, you need extra power.

This is what I encourage you to do.

How do you get extra power?

Well you have a few possible sources:

  • Body power – Build up muscle and fighting skills.
  • Confidence – That’s another skill you can practice and train.
  • Network – Partner with the right people.
  • Diplomacy – Communicate in respectful ways so that no negative responses are triggered.
  • New boundaries – Trun off your cell phone or stop connecting with those who don’t respect you.
  • New exit strategies – If you can’t win, wisely stepping out and working on your exit strategies could be the way to go.
  • Etc.

If this is an issue in your life, the moment you focus on it, strategies and lines of action show up.

The next step is of course to implement action.

It takes focus and consistency to build up extra power but it is ABSOLUTELY within your range.

To your power!