How to develop a sense of profound bliss, vision and awareness – ARTICLE

Bliss is unity.

Awareness is the opening of your inner vision.

One of the first targets of your spiritual development is to dissolve any sense of division.

You reconnect with an infinite source of energy, the vast sea of spiritual awareness.

Bliss is simply the way your emotions respond when the doors open up.

Bliss is something your perceive on your mind and emotional level.

It is related with a an inner opening, the removal of inner veils.

Inner vision happens in a similar way.

Awareness is simply the permanent connection between your being and the invisible reality.

You perceive the underlying dynamics behinds action and manifestation.

You are aware because you are connected.

Any action, practice which connects you with your spiritual or universal identity creates bliss to a certain extent.

Conscious action is an art practiced within the Kriya Yoga stream.

You perform key actions like breathing techniques, meditation, postures and more and through your action invoke a profound connection with the sea of universal life force.

It is like going back to the source.

When your consciousness is trapped in material goals, money and material satisfaction is what you attract.

These are targets which are as valuable as any “so called” spiritual targets.

The fact that you can see with your eyes the results of your actions does not mean that it has no value.

The art of making money or creating anything on this planet is still an invocation of life force into your existence.

It is a creative act no matter what.

What shifts is the reward or the result of your action.

If you invest your energy and time into invoking your spirit and creating a bridge of consciousness with your inner being, then this is what you will get when you succeed.

Spiritual targets are simply different than material targets.

Both are valuable and both have a reason to exist on this planet.

What matters is what you want and what you feel excited and thrilled about.

If you being is attuned with some form of inner quest, than you have the right to pursue these goals because it is what you want.

You are free.

If you prefer heading for material wealth, it is your choice and it is not less valuable.

You can be creative within that process and understand the subtle dynamics of life by doing so.

There is no hierarchy and separation between what is material and what is not.

At the end, everything is spiritual.

No matter what you touch, do or think, you are always manifesting a stream of life force. This stream of life force expresses your connection with your spirit.

You are connected all the time.

Sometimes, you decide to consciously open your eyes to it and sometimes, you simply focus on something else.

It is fine.

Any action can be performed with awareness.

It is not just about meditation or spiritual practices.

You cook, work, play music, date or train with awareness.

There is no place for elitist divisions any more.

Every target has its own value and you are free to choose for what you feel suits you best.
Tap into your sense of infinite happiness

The moment you feel connected, you are happy.

Happiness is a mind state.

It expresses the fact that inner conflicts and frictions have been removed.

To be happy, you need to be a frictionless being.

You want to be a problem free zone or at least know how to solve challenges.

Tension is the result from clashes of energy.

You feel unhappy when you feel you have no control or are disconnected.

The moment life force flows through your being you radiate happiness.

How does life force flow through your being?

Here are different ways of stimulating the flow of life force in you:

· Connecting with your own spirit through meditation or spiritual practices

· Anything which is creative

· Relating to others. As soon as two people are with each other, life force starts flowing between them. This exchange of life force generates happiness. It creates a sense of connection.

· Challenging yourself. For instance if you train your body or do some sports, you invoke the flow of energy in your body. This makes you feel alive.

· Etc.

You realize that any action, thought, emotion or feeling can generate a sense of happiness.

The moment you manifest, you create.

Unhappiness comes from tensions and conflicting energies. It is the result of a blockage of energy in any aspect of your system.