How to get and keep his attention – ARTICLE

Here is what you can do to get his attention:

Guys love having fun.

If you life is interesting, you go out a lot, have a vast circle of friends, put him in touch with interesting people and aspects of your life, he’ll come back to you.

It is very simple: you want to understand his needs and give him what he is looking for.

When you speak to him, identify what he likes and does not like and see how you can be part of this picture.

Remember that guys come back to you because of the way they feel about themselves when they are with you.

Read this again!

Here is another way of putting it.

A guy is attracted to you because he feels good when he is around you.

Challenge can feel good, laughter, fun, joy, connection, some depth, refinement, pleasure, passion, emotions and life in general.

You are an open door into something he wants.

This is the moment he gets attracted to you.

Another strategy is to make sure that you share quality time and fun together.

If your connections are light hearted and fun, he will enjoy your presence and come back to it.

Here is an important tip: focus on being popular with guys in general.

Developing a fun and attractive personality is something you will use with anyone.

This means that you want to develop these skills even before you have a crush on anyone.

Being fun to be with, flirty, attractive and sexy are qualities you enjoy as soon as you have them.

Focus on building up attraction in your life in general.

This means that you have an easy contact with people.

You are outgoing , fun, active, have goals and ambitions, look and feel healthy, etc.

This is your base.

This is your life foundation.

Once you feel naturally happy and excited about your existence, you can develop a special flirty connection with a guy you like.

If you think about attraction only when you have a crush, you feel pressured and stressed because you feel you need to develop all these skills at once.

Start right now developing a magnetic personality.

That way, when you truly have to be at your best, you’ll have no problem giving yourself this extra kick to seduce a specific man you like.