How to harmonize conflicting mind sets – ARTICLE

One of the big questions which come with spiritual development has to do with harmonizing conflicting mind sets and interests.

Here is an example:

Your father wants you to be a doctor, but you want to be an actor.

What do you choose?

This is a “worldly” example but on the spiritual development path, there are dozens of similar examples.

The material interests, go sometimes against your spiritual vision and this creates an inner tension.

The goal is simple: you want to connect with a source of empowering energy which will bring the totality of your being within one unified flow of energy.

You want your mind to be frictionless and function as a perfectly flowing system.

Now, in terms of energy and mind sets, you need to connect with harmonizing forces which have the power to do just that, right?

You want to turn any form of tension or conflict in your being into a harmonized mind set.

You want all forces in your system to be unified and “sit periodically at the negotiation table to solve their differences”.

If you know how to solve these inner conflicts, you are in for much more happiness and increased energy in your life.

Imagine how much time you can spend making choices and dealing with conflicting energies in you.

The first step is this one:

You are the boss!

It is simple: you are in charge!

Your mind is your mind and you are the one who takes decisions and sets up a course of action.

You are in charge!

This could be principle number one:

You are the master of your destiny.

Manifesting that reality is your priority number one.

When external forces or people try to direct your actions, you have the right and power to decide what you want and where you want to go.

You are the master of your destiny.

In other terms, you are the central sun in your universe.

You can delegate power; you can trust other sources of authority in your life; but when it comes to taking decisions, you are the one who decides and directs the course of your actions.

You can’t delegate that authority.

You are responsible for your actions.

This is very clear.

The moment you delegate this central position in your being, you give away your power and trouble arises.

You feel more tired than usual.

You get stacked in choice making and forget to protect your inner authority.

You decide!

You are the master of your life and your being!

This does not mean that you don’t get help to get where you want to be.

If I coach you for instance, I never take over your authority.

You always stay the center of your existence.

This is the core of any ethical connection we might have.

You are the center of your being and my role as your coach is to help you reach your targets.

This is how it works.

You have dozens of life examples and situations where you do join forces or get help from someone.

This is okay.

It is an agreed exchange of energy.

However, you always stay the centre of your universe.

No one can take over your control seat.

This is principle number 1.

Principle number 2 is about your ultimate source of inspiration when making choices.

This ultimate force is your instinct.

Rationalization and logic helps as well.

Your intuition is a subtle synthesis of millions of informations which are too complex to be comprehended by your reason.

When your intuition guides you, this means that you synthesize all the subtle information you get and project it forward into one unified stream.

Imagine a river: you see the vast stream of water.

You see as well that the flow of water is related with millions of individual particles flowing in the same direction.

This is how intuition works.

Your sense of inner feeling or inner touch perceives impressions.

Your past experiences have stored millions of information about how life works.

Your mind is packed with all this information and at the end your final intuitive picture is not a rational decision.

It is rather a synthesis of all this information.

You only see the vast stream.

You see the river rather than the millions of micro informations you received and make you choose for one direction or another.

This is how it works.

Your instincts integrate all your “animal” faculties (like survival drive or reproductive instinct) and project a line of action or evolution for your being.

You see how an animal will be able to survive in life threatening situations while a human being is stacked within a “reasoning cycle”.

These instinctual resources are what you want to bring back to the surface.

You can wake up your instinctual power and trust yourself.

When a decision needs to be made and conflicting interests need to be harmonized, your ability to go with the flow and break through depends on your ability to tune into an instinctual path of evolution.

This is what you need to tap into:

Your instinctual power.