How to increase your spiritual intelligence – ARTICLE

Connection! Connection is what makes the difference.

Connected with what? Connected with the lines of inspiration which tune into the long term evolution of the planet.

You can be isolated in a small sphere and this will limit your consciousness. On the other hand you can be open to dimensions which go far beyond your personality and this will connect you with your own universal identity.

If your daily concerns evolve around your own individual survival, individual comfort, individual thoughts, this is where your consciousness will be: on the level of your personality.

If now you shift your awareness and you focus on something which goes beyond your usual personal limits, then you connect with your spiritual intelligence.

Where to start?

The net is a good place to start. Many teachings, sacred scriptures will give you hints about your own cosmic evolution.

What stops you?

Fear of opening up to new realities. Could be pride. Could be as well the fear of loosing control.

These fears are real. They can be real warning signs you should listen to or simply be irrational blockages which stop your from moving forward. Take steps carefully and listen with discrimination.

Follow your instinct and intuition and get in touch with people and teachings which can truly take you one step further.

Somewhere along the line, you need to accept the fact that your present limits are not your real limits. New landscapes of knowledge and awareness can be discovered.

As you get in touch with new sources of inspiration in your life, it is important to integrate all that in your daily life. Don’t loose touch with reality. Keep your personal foundation and stay master of your life and own evolution.

You are the most important person in your life. Developing your spiritual intelligence means giving yourself the tools and skills to be active and productive in a creative way.

It is both an inner and outer exploration of your consciousness.

A simple technique

Calligraphies are a powerful ways of invoking new realities.

Sanat Kumara could be seen as the archetype of cosmic evolution. Invoking this concept, name or idea will naturally wake up that reality in you. It’s a very simple technique and all you have to do is write this name in its sanskrit calligraphic form

Sanat Kumara

To tell you the truth, the way this intelligence or reality is usually portrayed is somehow childish.

The intelligence, force or power behind that name goes far beyond the picture of a blond handsome prince traveling across space.

If you want to connect with your own “cosmic identity”, this is a good place to start. Simply write down this calligraphy. It is an invocation of your universal awareness which is very similar to the idea of spiritual intelligence.

How does it work? words are full of power. The term “happiness” for instance wakes up feelings and impressions associated with happiness itself. More about sanskrit calligraphy

How do you use it? You can “recall” that energy or idea whenever you need to. Writing it down will strengthen your personal foundation and empower the universal identity in you. It’s okay to write it down several times a day. Don’t discard the writings. Keep them in your personal environment as this will reflect on your mind as well.

It simply gives you a core of energy which strengthens your mind foundation.

Now, my task is not to convince you. This is given to you because you might want it and need it. If you feel, it’s not for you, no problem, simply walk away and look for something else that will be a better match for you.