How to join forces without giving away your power – ARTICLE

The number one challenge you might face as a spiritual seeker is this one:

Receiving a teaching without losing your power.

You can connect with groups, or organizations or masters which do put you down.

This can create a sense of pressure and isolation and disempowers you on the long term.

The problem is that many spiritual systems out there can feel limiting.

You will meet many rules, guidelines, the “culture of organizations” what is accepted or not.

Before you notice it, you can get entangled within mind sets which limit your progress rather than encourage it.

There are different ways of relating to spiritual energy realities.

Control is not needed!

You can walk the path and feel free.

You might have come across a teaching, movement or group and felt turned off by rules and obvious limiting beliefs.

Right now, seekers like you want space and freedom.

You don’t want to feel limited with a set of beliefs which stops your spiritual development rather than encouraging it.

You can progress on your spiritual path and stay in charge of your life.

This is about your agenda!

You decide what you want and when you want it.

Respect works both ways and it is great to show respect and openness towards a master or teaching.

Now, there is no need to make yourself smaller than you are.

You can walk the path and enjoy your ego at the same time.

Nowadays, giving up your power and the pillars of your personal foundation is dangerous because it makes you very vulnerable towards the world you live in.

You can enjoy a full level of satisfaction on all levels of your existence.

You stay the center of your existence.

Sure, you can enjoy highly devotional sessions with an Indian master but there is no need to give away your power base and power core.

You sense this inner need for freedom and the goal is to grow and expand as a full human being, not to surrender your will and life destiny.

You are in charge!

You choose!