How to make it easy for him to ask you out

Guys don’t like rejection.

This is why very often they don’t take the risk of asking you out.

Here are some key reasons why guys resist asking a woman out:
  • They are afraid of getting miserably rejected.
  • They think it is going to be too complicated.
  • They have no idea how to take the step – They simply miss the skills and the confidence.
So, the best way to overcome his rejection fear is to make it very clear to him that if he asks you out, you will say yes!

First establish eye contact and smile when you talk to him.

This gives him the signal that you are a friendly person and that there is no negative reaction to fear.
Next, you can him hints like the ones I mentioned earlier.

If he does not get it yet, you can even be more direct and say something like:

“I know that guys don’t like feeling rejected… I just wanted to tell you that if you would ask me out, 

I would say yes!

That’s playful and ok to say, especially if he is the shy type or a intimidated by you.