How to release emotions – ARTICLE

There are a few ways you can release emotions in you.

You can:

  • Exercise
  • Sing
  • Cry
  • Jog
  • Create something
  • And so much more!

An emotion which is stacked in your system is simply the result of a conflict:

On one side you have an energy which wants to flow.

On the other side you have a mind frame or mind pattern which does not allow this energy to flow.

Usually, when you feel a weight on your mind, it is simply a negative emotion which wants to be released.

What does it mean to release it? It means that your system needs to digest it.

Instead of being stacked in a part of your body or mind it needs to be freed.

Now, how do you respond to negative emotions or emotions you don’t like.

How do you deal with emotions like sadness, emotional pain, inner tension, fear, hesitations, doubts, etc.?

Do you offer them more space or do you block them out?

Well, you can take whatever action you want as long as it does release the emotion.

It is simple, right?

You want this emotional knot to be gone.

Something that really works in releasing emotions is any form of physical exercise.

Something else that works very well is singing.

Why do these activities release emotions?

Because they stimulate the flow of energy in your system.

There are many more emotional release techniques you can use but communicating them in an article format is not suitable.

I’ll either share them face to face with you when we have a coaching session or I’ll soon record a video on the topic, ok?

To your power!