You are aware of the fact that you can have some form of influence over your thoughts.

You know that when you read a book, the ideas you read will impact on your mind. A book is a mind set. When you read, you interact with this mind set and eventually integrate new ideas and beliefs.

Suppose you want to rebuild an old house: you will create space, remove old materials and bring in new ones.

If you want to recreate your mind, you need to go through a conscious reconditioning process.

This is what we will explore.

You can spend a whole life time recreating your mind.

If you have a book at home and suddenly realize that you no longer agree with the ideas written in it, you will give it to someone else or throw it away.

With the house rebuilding example, this is like taking an old window frame in your old house and removing it.

You reprogram your mind daily integrating new ideas and eventually rejecting some old ones.

This process is an ongoing one. There is a circulation of ideas going on in your life. It happens naturally.

If you are an adult, most of these new ideas won’t impact deeply in your mind. At least 90% of the new thoughts your experience in a day won’t alter your core beliefs.

This means that you have different layers of beliefs:

· You have your “superficial” thought patterns. These are the one which come and go and that you are not truly attached to.

· You have a deeper layer of thoughts which are what we could call “your core beliefs”.

These second type of thoughts are different from the superficial thoughts:

You are usually attached to your core beliefs.

They are rooted deeper in your mind. They are part of your “central” mind architecture.

Now, when you deal with negative thinking, you usually deal with core elements in your mind.

These thoughts are associated with very specific emotions and feelings.

If you want to deal with negative thinking, you don’t need to know and understand everything about your mind.

All you need is a targeted method which will remove a negative mind set and replace it by a positive one.

Again, all you need is a method which works.

If you do some exercising in the gym, your realize that it takes some focus, dedication to train your body and stay healthy.

The same goes for your “mind training”.

If you want to train your mind to stay healthy and energetic, you need to at least some focus and dedication.

You need will power, determination and desire.

You need as well a vision of what you want to achieve and a strategy to get there.

If I ask you:

“How long do you believe it takes to shift a negative thinking pattern?”

what would you say?

This is part of the strategy:

suppose you train your body and want to gain muscle power. It usually takes a few months to reach your target. You will be consistent and stay focused on your goals.

Does mind training work in the same way?

Yes, it does!

If you want to reprogram your mind, you need to be consistent with it. Thinking about it one day and then forgetting about it for 3 months is not enough. In others terms, whatever technique you use, you need at least some repetition to achieve results.

The next big question is: “what technique?”

Again, if you want to build up extra muscle, you’ll probably do some weight lifting.

What you need to train your mind is very simple:

You need a new positive mind set and consistently retrain the patterns associated with this mind set.

When you train a new mind set, you naturally face resistance.

What is this resistance? It is what we call conservative or preserving forces.

Suppose you do some weight lifting. The resistance you overcome when building up muscle is gravity.

All your body training efforts are oriented towards one goal: overcoming gravity.

If gravity didn’t exist, you wouldn’t simply need more muscle.

Gravity is the physical resistance you face when building up muscle.

It’s not the only force though.

The second force you need to overcome is an “inner resistance”.

This is why you need will power, motivation or determination.

These are forces in your mind and their goal is to break through mental resistance.

What is mental resistance?

You could call this “emotional gravity”. Every time you take action you use will power, motivation, fire, determination in one way or another.

You can call this “emotional fuel”.

If you go to the gym, you will need at lest some of that.

What exactly is this inner resistance?

Why do you need emotional fuel to take action?

This inner resistance is what I call “conservative forces”.

Your mind tends to crystallize thoughts and emotions.

Every form which reaches creation tends to be crystallized in a given form.

This crystallization force is what keeps your thought together.

If you want to “break” a thought, you need energy to do that. This is where your will power or emotional fuel comes in

Your mind is a will power “control center” which generates enough energy to take action and keep moving.

Everything has a will in nature.

Sometimes this will is individualized and sometimes it is simply some form of collective will power.

Now, when you look at your mind, you have a individualized sense of will power and autonomy.

You can say things like:

· “I know what I want!”

· “I decide to take the step!”

· “I want to do this!”

These thoughts are the expression of your will power and determination.

You notice that in the background there is always a resisting force. The role of your will power is to overcome this resisting force.

This resisting force is a “conservative force” which simply tends to stop you from moving forward.

What stops you from flying in the air straight away?

Physical gravity.

What can stop you from taking action?

Emotional or mind “gravity”.

What can stop you from achieving all your goals and dreams straight away?

It is again physical and mind gravity.

Put it this way: you can dream a perfect picture of your life.

It still won’t happen straight away.

Why is that?

Because when you want to manifest something, you need to create objects, thought forms, mind sets, etc.

When you want to create, you face resistance simply because matter and life are already crystallized in certain forms.

If you want to create a new building, you need to transform sand, stones and concrete into walls.

You need to bring in new materials. You need to use your will power. You need a contractor. Etc.

This is the path of manifestation:

anything which comes to life faces resistance.

You can only manifest your dreams if you have enough power to do so and if you partner with the right forces.

So, with anything you try to do, you will face two forms of resistances: Physical resistance and mind resistance

Mind resistance is everywhere.

Sometimes it is a close friend who does not believe in you and brings lots of doubts in your mind.

Sometimes this mind resistance is in an organization or a government you evolve in.

Sometimes mind resistance is coming from you in the form of doubts or self limiting beliefs.

Now, if you want to reprogram your mind, you need to access your core beliefs and thinking patterns and shift key elements in this deep area of your mind.

When you want to access these negative core beliefs and emotional patterns, you naturally face the type of mind resistance we just described.

Now, there is a way to make all that very easy and enjoyable.

You see, you did not create your mind patterns consciously. Most of what you have in your mind has simply been a reaction to events and activities in your life you were subjected to.

The tactic right now is to let instinctual forces of your own nature do the mind reprogramming for you.

You can actually delegate all the effort, focus and concentration and simply connect with an empowering mind set which will do the work for you.

About the author

Shiva Rajaya

Tantrika / Life coach / Activator of new evolutionary codes for the planet and humankind

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