How to tackle social anxiety – SOCIAL POWER

Social anxiety means that when you are in social situations you feel a high level of emotional discomfort.

You feel people’s judgements, looks, etc.

You respond to them by feeling anxiety.

You can feel this anxiety when being in the situation or before it even happens.

you can compare this to publisg speaking anxiety.

It is the idea of being bomababrded by psychic pressure and not being able to manage that pressure.

This happens for one simple reason; lack of power, psychic power.

You feel that your energy space is invaded and you don’t have the emotional resources to protect yourself.

You feel vulnerable.

Anxiety is simply a mild version of fear.

But because of its permanent or recurrring nature, it can create quite a discomfort.

The key is to ad a new level of power to your mind, a few new minds sets and train these new behaviors.

Again, these types of fears are along the same line as stage fright or public speaking anxiety, except that social anxiety refers to a pressure which is usually smaller.

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