How to thrive with your relationship

What does it truly take to make it work?

There are two simple qualities you need to manifest if you want to stay together on the long term.

The first one is freedom and space.

The second one is renewal and change.

The key reason for couples breaking up is simply “feeling limited in their relationship”.

When you fight, argue or are unhappy in your relationship, the key issue is power and control.

You want it your way.

He wants it his way.

The two visions clash.

If you clash one time, you fight.

If you clash all the time, you end up with a break up or divorce.

If you realize this early, you can shift this basic dynamic and establish a whole new mind set:

Give each other space, always!

Control is a relationship killer.

I don’t know who decided one day that control in relationships was okay. It is never okay.

So, this is the first winning mind set: space and freedom.

The second mind set is change and renewal.

Why is it so important?

Because your being and spirit need to keep on evolving, always.

If you feel crystallized in a situation which stops moving forward, evolution forces will always find a way of “reaching you”.

This means that your couple will be challenged until “fresh energies manage to get in”.

If you embrace change, you keep on evolving and challenging established patterns.

There is a basic conflict of interests involved in this:

A part of your being is calling for emotional and material security, while another aspect of your being calls for thrill, excitement, risk and passion.

These two visions or two plans can clash.

If you want to bring in renewal, passion, fun and excitement in your couple, you need to focus a bit less on security and practicalities and take more risks, challenge yourself and each other and basically step beyond the limits of what you already know.

The moment you embrace the new, you invite fresh energies in your couple.

This is what couples need the most: freshness and renewal.

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Take care and enjoy your love life!