I always get this feeling that I don’t belong here – What’s wrong? – ARTICLE

Here are a couple of ideas to help you break through this challenge.

When you are born, your spirit incarnates.

Literally, it is like a stream of life force taking shape in the form of a physical body and a mind.

This is your personality.

This is you.

When you feel you don’t really belong there, it’s as if a part of the story is still missing.

It is as if your incarnation or embodiment is incomplete in the place you are.

When you ask yourself the question:

“If I don’t belong here, then where do I belong to?”

You realize that you are looking for another mind set, location or way of living.

The priorities and life style you see around you do not seem to match what you feel inside.

The reason this happens could be explained in this way:

Your mind set is created according to a “model”.

There are different incarnation models.

In fact there is infinity of them.

When someone incarnates in a human body, goes through life and dies, they leave a form of “blue print” of their lives.

This blue print is “recorded” in human consciousness and in a way, used as a stepping stone in human evolution.

The mind set a baby receives when it incarnates is related with the sum of human experiences on the planet.

This baby will observe its parents behaviors and imitate them.

Now, this is not its only learning source.

A young human being will also tap into the sea of consciousness you can call universal human mind.

Your mind is part of a vaster sea of unified consciousness.

You pick up patterns from that “sea”.
For instance, all the instinctual patterns you have when you were born are part of a “genetic luggage” you receive.

That’s your “birth gift” J

Sometimes, your mind tunes into a reality which can be located somewhere else or in another time or space.

Some people will see this as a sign of reincarnation.

They will say something like:

“Sure, the reason you feel out of place in the western world is because you are a reincarnated Tibetan monk. No wonder you feel out of place. Your spirit is calling for the reality you experienced in your previous incarnation.”

This is one way of looking at. It is the “reincarnation story”.

Here is another way of looking at it:

You can imagine that there are billions of blueprints left by all the incarnated beings who lived on the planet.

For instance a being like Pythagoras did leave a “blue print” in the form of his writings.

Sometimes, there is a physical trace of that person’s “passage” on earth.

Sometimes, it is only a “psychic track”, like a pathway which has been traced in human consciousness.

When you incarnate, you pick up a few “models” which will be your mind set guidelines for your incarnation.

These can be seen as the “models” which are used to create your mind.

If your spirit happens to tune into a blue print from another time or place than the one you are born in, you might feel out of place.

You might feel that you don’t really belong there simply because your mind patterns are “inherited” from another location in time and space.

What to do?

Tune into this story and realize that part of what you experience comes from the past.

You don’t need to rediscover some of this anymore.

It is written in human consciousness and what needed to be learned has already been learned.

The reason you are born in a new environment is because something new has to be experienced.

You literally take an old blueprint into your incarnation (some people would call this Karma) and reactuallize this past experience into a new energy set: today, right here, right now.

Your being might long to reconnect with this ancient reality you tune into.

For instance, you might take an initiatory trip somewhere to “reconnect” with your ancient roots.

Once this reconnection is established, you will bring back this realization and actualize it within the modern setting you are in right now.

You consciously instruct your mind within a new context and by doing this give humankind a new step forward.

For those who read this and think: “Yeah!!! Nice story! But what proof do we have of all that?”

It is simple! There is no proof!

If you want, you could reinvent your own story of why this these feelings of “being out of place” appear.

The description I give is not the absolute truth.

It is just a vision that I feel makes sense.

If you take a landscape, there are millions of ways of painting or describing this landscape.

None of these descriptions are right or wrong.

They are all only a vision and an interpretation of reality through the filter of our minds.

It is always an approximation of reality.

Maybe the vision that I give makes sense to you and will help you in your own spiritual development.

If this is the case, great!

If it’s not the case, keep searching and find a “model which does match what you feel”.

You don’t have to accept what I say.

Take what you need and discard the rest. J