I feel empty inside

Sorry to hear that. Feeling empty is not usually a nice place to be in. May I give you some ideas? You can of course use them as you wish…

The feeling of emptiness is related with a lack of spiritual connection. There are good chances that when you hear the term spiritual, you have many ideas and feelings coming to your mind. It could be that these feelings are extremely negative. The thing is that it is precisely in the spiritual dimension that you usually find the missing link.

Spiritual awareness has nothing to do with religion. When you hear the term spiritual, you might think of someone trying to convert you to some form of belief system. For your own sake, put this idea aside for a while, and open just a little bit to another perspective.

Spiritual is about the spirit which is in everything. You can find it in business, relationships, contact with nature, fun, free time, anything. It is always there. Now when you want to make a living and earn some money, you work and in exchange of your work, you receive a salary.

Spiritual oriented actions function with the same principle except that the salary of your actions won’t be money. It will be something else. What is it?

It is a quality, an energy, life force, joy, happiness. When you get lots of it at a time, we call that bliss. If there is even more it, you could call it spiritual trance which is an ecstatic state of intense joy.

How do you reach these states? You reach them through action and opening up. It can take time and practice. Depending on your mind patterns, this “filling up” of your being can happen very fast or take long years.

Here is the problem: while you are reading these words, something in you might be rejecting them and rejecting the energy behind them. Why? because of conditioning and ideas you did build up over the years towards anything spiritual. You laughed at these ideas and learned to reject them.

The trick is that this is why you feel empty. You are rejecting the very source of energy which can help you. It’s okay. It is just a natural way of protecting yourself and your mind space. You never know what you will find there, beyond the limits of what you already know.

I am well intended and for me it won’t make a difference if you do something about it or not. Of course, I would enjoy seeing you happy. What I mean is that it is your life and only you can do something about it.

I can only tell you these words. What will make a difference is action. Your action! It is really up to you.

Your life is in your hands.



PS: there is a chance that you are open and feel that your life is actually quite “spiritual”. If it is the case, it’s only a matter of persevering and going deeper into it. It’s just a matter of time and further action.