I have too many choices

I have too many choices

Find a partner? I have too many choices



How are you today?

If you have too many options to choose from, that’s excellent. What you need is some simple choice making tips:

Who says you have to choose? Is it a real desire in you or simply a projection of what others think you should do? We live in a time where relationships equations are being redesigned. What is your best possible picture as far as love life is concerned.

What is your head saying?

Imagine yourself 5 years from now. With which person do you see the greatest chance of creating harmony on the long run?

What is your passion saying?

What are your friends saying?

What is the easiest way?

What gives you the greatest sense of total satisfaction?

Is making that choice your priority number 1 or is there something else which needs your attention before you can decide?

Sometimes you need to free energy first. Your mind is simply not available because something else is still in your mind? It can be career, personal development or other aspects of your life. What is your feeling?