I would like to move

I would like to move

I would like to move to Montana and live and work there. I have a family; husband and 4 children. I do not know what it really is like living in Montana after living here all my life but I would like to live a completely different life than the one I live. My husband could possibly transfer with his job but I would have to get one there. I do not know how to start living a dream and I don’t want to change everything and find out it was a mistake. We are not rich so it would be a big challenge. How does one move totally across country and do it right?


The best is to take a small step and go there first to check it out. Take a trip to Montana and see how it feels first. Establish contacts there. Ask lots of question to the locals. Visit real estate agents. Do all that in a non committed way, simply to gather key information.

Sometimes you are in a period in your life where you want to change something. Changing location can be the first reflex, but there could be other options.

Explore other “changing” options, like career and jobs, new life directions, putting some fresh energy in your relationship, etc. make sure that if you decide to move, you do that consciously because you know that it is what you want.

Take a white page and write down the 10 key elements you will find in Montana that you can’t find in Louisiana.

When you know what you are looking for, it greatly strengthens your motivation and gives you a kick to go ahead and do it.

You are realistic and that’s excellent. Don’t lose it. Stay with your two feet on the ground. Estimate how much the moving will cost and how you will finance it.