Identify common targets – TIP

The reason why you synergise as a team is because you have a common vision.

See what happens when a natural disaster hits a region.

People come together because they suddenly have a common target: Survival!

What are the common targets you and your team share?

Here are some ideas:

  • You want to create a great product
  • You want to work within an exciting context
  • You want a high level of freedom in how you get things done
  • You want to respect everyone
  • You want to function within a conflict free space
  • You want to be efficient
  • Etc.

These targets are valid for everyone!

If someone in your team is not excited at all when working with these values, get them to share what would make them excited.

Maybe they are just bored with life and with whatever you would focus on.


Replace them by someone who is not draining your spirit and has at least some energy to invest in their work.

Yes! You can make hard calls as a leader.

These common targets are not directions YOU only set up.

Again, you ask your team what they expect from a day at work.