Implement change! – TIP

If something’s not working, find out what it is and make changes.

This is called renewal power and is one of the key ingredients to get your business moving forward!

A fraction of your time and energy as a team is directed towards implementing change, shifting patterns, refocusing your energy on new goals and getting rid of what is useless.

This is called change, renewal or transformation!

How do you implement change?

You focus on one shift at a time.

You make a list of what does not work or what needs to be shifted.

Then, you select one point on that list and focus on that for a week with your team.

By the end of that week, you debrief what happened and evaluate the success of the changes you made.

Next, you select another point and focus on that one for a week.

If you implement change in that way consistently, you can radically shift the way a team functions within 3 months.

No, it won’t happen in an instant because patterns and habits need to be changed.

It simply takes some time, energy and focus.