In the mean time, connect with other men

That’s the single most essential strategy you need to apply if he says “No” once.

You need to keep your options open because if you focus exclusively on him, you’ll quickly sound and appear very needy.

That’s one of the top dating traps men and women fall into.

They emotionally commit to someone before there is any clear sign that the other person will like them back.

The best way to avoid this trap is to practice network dating.

You stay in touch with a few men until you both decide to shift to a committed relationship.

When he sees you interacting with and even light dating other men, he realizes that you do have other options and that you are not desperate.

Men can sometimes feel the pressure that they have to rescue a woman from their loneliness.

If you happily date other men and he sees that, he instantly connects with you in a very different way.

One warning though: don’t date his close friends, ok?

Look further than that.