Instant emotional freedom? – Why isn't it happening spontaneously on a larger scale yet?

that this is like ultimate coaching technique and that this is REALLY what probably 50% of my clients need now.
there is a huge need and demand in society for this, so the question is why hasn’t it been manifested yet so far on a larger scale?
If it’s something that is needed why didn’t evolution take over and create this on a very large scale?
Again, it is because many forces are at play and that manifestation is complex and a mix of many energies.
In certain levels of consciousness total harmony is well established.
that’s the nirvanic reality.
and as we come down into manifestation, many energies and manifestation pathways create a network of expression and manifestation.
The result is fertile!
In the fertility, duality exist and both negative and positive emotions or mind sets manifest.
Now, when you track back a negative emotion, what is it exactly?
Let’s take an example.
You walk through a forest path and meet face to face with a grizzly bear.
This creates a mark on your energy field which tells you that this specific place might be where the bear lives.
To avoid the fright and disturbing the bear, you will avoid this place in the future.
Now, I will you remember this in the future?
You need a memory imprint of that experience.
The experience might appear as negative because the emotion was fear.
But this fear is as well a boundary that says: “If you want to live longer choose another path”
In other terms, that specific emotion you could call “negative” is actually a very positive one that could potentially save your life.
If it wasn’t for traumatic impact of that experience, you might forget about it and walk back to the same spot because you would forget it.
Now, here is where a deviation happens…
You don’t need to remember that experience all the time.
You don’t need to dream about it or think about it.
You don’t need to be obsessed by traumatic images while at work and you don’t need to have this sudden panic attack about it without reason.
You see… the way that specific bear meeting experience is anchored goes way beyond what is actually needed.
The “warning impact” is often too strong and out of balance.
In other terms, the way it is rooted in your mind is IMPERFECT.
Nature and instincts are developed in an organic environment that is evolving all the time.
See how nature functions, it doesn’t express a single unified perfect stream of manifestation.
Sometimes, it messes up a bit (according to our logical thinking of course 😉 – we can just look at imperfections as another form of perfection).
for instance, some males will eat their babies when they are born.
Out of millions of seeds created only one might give birth to a tree.
A whole specie might be wiped out because of a catastrophic volcanic eruption or another climatic change.
Thousands of baby turtles are born on a beach and only a few survive.
The mind presents the same type of approximations and imperfections.
The energy body is organic and the relationship between thoughts, emotions and that subtle body ad even more complexity.
The point is that the human mind is STILL learning and developing!
It hasn’t reached its final stage in human evolution.
Think about what we discovered in the last 200 years.
Think about how much our ways of thinking and behaving have evolved.
We are learning fast and new tools appear in our lives all the time.
The whole science of personal development is quite fresh and new for instance.
Yes, I know… the ideas were already there before but many of the ideas were turned from philosophical abstract concepts into main stream behaviors.
Think about what happened with the law of attraction.
Many people wake up now in the morning and consciously invoke the forces of the universe to manifest in their lives.
This is important because it shows that the human race is evolving and integrating new tools.
It tries things!
With each new impulse, new beliefs or behaviors manifest and new patterns are created in the mind.
So, back to emotional freedom.
We are learning as a human race…
That’s at all.
We try to aim for perfection and while aiming towards that goal, we learn how to tame certain aspects of our mind.
It is a path of mastery.
That’s part of becoming a better and more optimized human being…