Kill distractions! – PRODUCTIVITY

If you want to get things done, you need to kill distractions!

Distractions are:

  • Friends calling you and wanting stuff from you which is totally non-work related.
  • Getting distracted by what goes on online.
  • Giving your attention to meaningless, irrelevant tasks.
  • Getting lost in your inbox.
  • Suddenly deciding that the wash needs to be done right now!
  • Spending hours perfecting a layout where 5 min would have been enough!
  • Having a heavy 1 hour lunch!
  • Etc!

Distractions destroy your productivity.

You know where they are and you SEE them coming.

Here is your battle plan!

  • When you enter your inbox, have your finger ready on the delete button – Get in! – Delete! – Send a quick reply to what needs one – Get out! – 5 min!
  • Social calls? – 5 min max
  • Focus on what matters most!
  • Aim for good! Not perfect!
  • If you work from home, No household!
  • No distractions!
  • Aim for 100% productivity!

This is it!

Distractions are a major source of failure and frustration especially for business owners or any one who is engaged in any form of professional activity!

It’s a vast topic!

More on that coming in a sec!