No household! – PRODUCTIVITY

If you work from home, no household during productivity hours!

Keep laundry and cleaning for the week end or get a maid who will come AFTER hours!

If you live with your partner and they believe that just because you work from home, it makes you simply “available”, you will need to educate them!

Tell your lover, wife or husband that this is actually working time and that the fact that you work from home does not mean that you have extra spare time for window cleaning!

Setting up professional boundaries when you work from home can be a major issue!

It takes focus and consistency to educate those around you!

You might need to repeat your message a few times until they get it!

I am working! I don’t have time for that!

If you face this type of conflicting issue with a partner, the best is to sit down and have a clarifying chat about this.

Here is what you can say:

“The fact that I work from home does not mean that I am available – Treat my time as if I was at the office and you could not reach me…”

“Yes, I am happy to participate and do my share with household but I’ll do that in the week end or this evening, not now…”

“I am trying to set up a business which requires my full undivided attention – I need your full support with that – I simply can’t engage in non professional activities during work hours – If I am successful with that, we will both immensely benefit from it – Simply consider that I am NOT AVAILABLE during work hours…”

Again, you might need to repeat the same message a few times until they get it.

What if you are deciding to attack this old pile of dishes instead of calling a client?

Well,… You know that doing the dishes is JUST an excuse not to take a step you find challenging.
These houseld distraction are ONLY excuses not to do what you have to.

Set up this simple rule for yourself and REMEMBER IT!