No way!

No way!

No way! You can ‘t change in life without at least giving it some focus and attention. This means that you need free energy. You need time and space and often some resources as well.

Don’t give yourself some attention once everything else has been fixed in you life! Give yourself first! You are priority number one! Your well being and happiness impacts on the totality of your sphere of influence. Job, family, friends, environment. You are radiating the waves of your emotional state to all those who surround you. You impact! Your well being is a source of freshness and happiness which reverberates and influences everyone.

But do it for yourself first! Your body and mind are your 2 greatest assets. Put priorities in the right order.

At least 10% of your time, energy and resources should be focused on perfecting yourself, your being, your mind. It should be invested in this sphere you call you! You decide how and when you invest but take the steps! Don’t hold back from giving it to yourself! You owe it to your being. Whether you go for some exercise or decide to take a cruise to the Bahamas does not really matter. The important is that you give yourself this treat, this reward for having performed and succeeded as a human being. It is simple: invest in yourself! Nurture your life and your being! Do what it takes to feel good, live good, enjoy to the most!

The idea that you wait for life to give you its blessing and you take no step yourself is wrong. Blessings come as a result, a side effect of the love and care you give to yourself. If you think you are not worth it, this is how life and people will think about you as well. Love is an open door. It is a stream of life force you let radiate in all directions and direct to some extent on yourself as well.

You are part of this sphere of love and care and you deserve to receive the benefits of it as well.