Planetary chakras – ARTICLE

Chakra means energy centre or wheel of energy.

High energy spots on the planet like Jerusalem, Mecca or New York are said to be planetary chakras.

The reason cities were built on those spots is seen in the occult field as a magnetic attraction from the human being towards these centers.

Some of these centers are actually manifested in the form of cities and some others stay invisible.

Lay lines theories go in the same direction.

Sacred architecture often sees planetary energy manifestations as the real cause for choosing a specific spot for a given pyramid, Greek temple, cathedral, mosque or monastery.

I won’t discuss these ideas here because there is usually little or no proof. These concepts are mainly based on beliefs.

Sometimes, you read an article about it and think: “Yes! It makes sense…”

If you are open for it, keep this in mind: think of planetary chakras and the organic energy architecture of the planet.

There is what you can see (landscapes and geographical shapes) and then there might be a hidden organic architecture that you can’t see with your physical eyes. You could call this the spiritual or invisible anatomy of the planet.

If you take this one step further you enter into the idea of planets as chakras.

You can see the solar system as a vibrating reality containing 10 major chakras (8 main planets + sun + moon).

In the esoteric tradition this is the way planets are viewed.

Every planet is a “Logoic intelligence”.

You can use expressions like “Planetary Logos” or “Solar Logos”.

Logos is an ancient Greek term which is translated as knowledge. In that sense the expression “Planetary Logos” could be translated as planetary intelligence.

The idea of a planetary logos has always been present in human consciousness. The Greek term “Gaia” for instance refers to the earth as a Goddess.