Power transfers – ARTICLE

In a previous post we said:

  • You are born with the right for self determination. You have the right to control your thoughts, actions, emotions, beliefs, time, personal space, etc.
  • If someone tries to control these for you they steal one of your most basic human rights.
  • Respect someone else’s freedom and right for self determination.

These are the basic mind sets which already solve 80% of the conflicts you might face.

Now in some situations, you will function with slightly different mind sets.

We call these exceptions “agreed power transfers”.

This means that there are some “exceptions” in society where a conscious transfer of power and autonomy is performed.

Here are 3 examples:

  • Children –> Parents

Because parents need to educate their children, nature and society perform a power transfer from the child to its parents. This means that parents are legally responsible for what the child does. They take the role of educating and directing a child’s behavior until it reaches maturity and autonomy.

  • Individual –> Organization

When you work for an organization, you give up part of your freedom (time) in exchange of a financial reward. In other terms, you accept that a boss will sometimes tell you what to or not to do.

  • Individual –> Society

When you are born in a country, you adhere to a set of laws. These laws are there to protect society’s peace and make sure that individuals can function harmoniously with each other

  • Etc.

These are only 3 examples. There are more of them of course.

Now, we call these “exceptions” because the default position of an individual is a state of freedom.

More on this and why it matters to you!


To your Yoga!