Remember your sport's coach? – ARTICLE

Have you been competing in your young age? I don’t know about you, but I have a clear memory of one of my soccer coaches at that time…

We would get ready in the club’s changing rooms, putting on our freshly washed red T shirts.

Before going on the field, our coach would drill us! He would first explain today’s tactics, moving little magnets on a black board designed like a mini soccer field.

He would then build up the team’s spirit and confidence by a powerful motivation speech… That’s the emotional fuel, the very essence of a great performance.

Once the game would start, his voice would shake the game and bring out the best of each player’s potential. See last soccer’s world cup for some colorful examples…

Today’s life coaching functions with the same basic ingredients: designing life tactics and visions, building up the emotional fuel, encouraging the action, and celebrating victories!

The fiery motivational style has been replaced by more diplomatic and respectful approaches. But that’s not the main difference: In today’s life coaching, the coach partners with the client. It’s this alliance which creates magic, bringing out the best and most powerful results.

I am excited and looking forward to create one day such sacred alliance with you. I would be truly honored to be a catalyst in your life’s present and future success.