Remove obstacles – ARTICLE

A key step to succeed with dating is to remove obstacles.

Obstacles are first in your mind in the form of doubts, fears, hesitations and lack of energy and determination.

Obstacles are as well around you in other people’s limiting beliefs.

If anyone pities you, stay away from them.

You need pity from no one.

You are a winner!

You want your friends to trust and empower you with their will power and desire to see you succeed.

You are a winner, not a victim!

If you tend to put yourself in the victim role in the dating scene, remove this thought or attitude straight away.

Your new dating vehicle is a vehicle of confidence.

Trust yourself and trust life!

You love men!

The more you love them, the more they love you in return.

Beware though.

The kind of love we talk about is not a needy, demanding, controlling or obsessive.

The love we talk about is a respectful opening between two spirits.

It happens in freedom.

If you first thought is wanting to change them, forget it!

Accept men the way they are.

You are touched by their moves, attitudes, words or beliefs.

You simply enjoy being around them.

You feel comfortable in their presence.

You express your feminine qualities and at the same time see how men’s qualities complement what you have to offer.

If you hate guys, are frustrated with them or get tense, when you are around them, what do you feel will happen?

Get familiar with men’s minds and their ways of thinking and help them fulfill their destiny rather then trying to shift them around to something they don’t want to be.

It is all about respect, right?

Mutual respect!

The moment you connect with a man and give him space to be himself, he gives you back the same love and openness.

This is the perfect base to create long term happiness with someone: respect and freedom.

The next challenge has to do with competition.

What is competition?

It is anything in a guy’s mind which stops him from dating you right now.

It can be his job, an ex girl friend, another woman or simply other priorities in his mind.

If you want to date him, you need to be number one in his mind.

There is only one way you will achieve that: if you are a positive force in his own evolution.

You want to be the best thing that ever happened to him.

That’s your goal.

Nothing more!

Nothing less!

This is breakthrough power.

Remove obstacles!

Take away whatever stands between you and your target.

Go for it and use all your power and determination.

Don’t scream!

Don’t be loud or complicate!

Use your full dating power to conquer his mind and his heart.