Resisting change?

Resisting change?

Change means one simple thing: risk, exploration.

This is why you do sometimes resist change. The effort of going and exploring a new territory is a move you can’t always afford.

You know that next door, there might be a best situation waiting, you still hesitate taking the step.

Why? Your present mind state is your comfort zone. This mind state might not be perfect; it is still your mind.

This inner landscape contains a set of thoughts, behavior patterns, etc. You know them very well. This inner architecture of beliefs gives you a sense of security. It is like walking into your kitchen to prepare a drink… The fridge, glasses are here on the left, etc.

You don’t want to lose that sense of security, so you stay in the explored territory of your mind.

A mind pattern is like a road you walked thousands of times. You know it so well, you could walk it with closed eyes.

When your intuition tells you about another land, another territory to conquer, doubts or fears can often be the first emotional response.

This emotional response, this fear of losing security might block any further effort. This fear can be coming from you or it can be a projection from your environment, your family or friends. There is this voice saying: “Hey? Are you sure you are up to it?”

Three ingredients can play a significant role in gaining change:

Deep dissatisfaction about your present state

This is a great motivator. “I had it with that situation!”, “I just want something new!”

Securing the new path

Knowing more about a new life direction can give you a sufficient sense of security. This might be enough to clear your doubts. Talking with people who “did it before” is a great motivator.

Exploring spirit

This need to go beyond the “final frontier” is part of the human spirit. We are curious beings always looking for the new. There is a natural instinct to grow and expand. Change is part of that growth. Expanding the limits of your mind is a natural need.

With anything which concerns change, the idea is to be very specific. Talk about what you want to change. Say it! Write it down! When your vision is clear, taking action becomes much easier.

Change is an investment! Somewhere your mind is calculating this life equation: “Is it worth it?”.

Change can often require a conscious decision. Did you already take that decision, or are you still hesitating on your door step?

Drastic change is not always a wise move. The choice is always in your hands and there is no shame in simply being satisfied with a present state. The security of your comfort zone is a valuable base that you should not neglect.

I believe that understanding these underlying dynamics is already a big step. As a coaching client, the choice is always yours! As your coach I will help you move in the direction you want to move.

If you are not sure about what you want, we’ll first clarify that and together find the answers you are looking for.