Respect each other's truth! – SOCIAL POWER

That’s called tolerance, right?

We live in a world of diversity and people experience existence in many different ways.

This diversity is natural and when you want to force others into your belief system, you are betraying one of their most basic human rights: Their right for self determination.

It is ok to disagree!


Mature relationships between human beings allow space for differences of opinions.

Here is a simple way to tame any conflict and bring back peace:

“It looks like we have a different opinion on this topic and that’s ok! – The fact that you have different belief than mine does not stop me from fully respecting you!”

Wahou! We just created a whole new wave of world peace!

Imagine for second what happens if this attitude is systematically adopted when conflicts arise.

Can you see the impact?

Start with a small step: YOU!

Once you fully master your own conflicting patterns, take your sword and start positively influencing others!

To your power!