Spiritual challenges – ARTICLE

Here are a few examples of spiritual distortions which can appear in the spiritual field. Going to extremes is often counter productive and can even be dangerous for the individual’s well being. If you notice that you are overdoing it, the best solution is to simply relax and enjoy more than you would naturally do.

Little doses of escapism for instance can be quite harmless. It’s only when established in the form of an inner doctrine that these qualities become truly an hindrance to your evolution.


Wanting to run away from creation and its natural cycles. Wanting to suppress the ego, the mind, the emotions or other natural aspects of the personality.


Taking any doctrine, spiritual practice, or spiritual rule to an extreme. Fanaticism can be seen on the level of an organization or on the level of an individual. It can be expressed for instance through extreme discipline or intolerance.

Ambition tension

Tensing, contraction of the emotions related with a goal difficult to achieve. Inner tensions related with ambitions are usually counter productive for spiritual development. Performance stress or performance anxiety are two other ways of expressing a similar idea.