Stay healthy! – ARTICLE

Don’t let your break up impact on your health!

A break up is a tumultuous time: sleepless nights and heavy discussions loaded with emotional content.

All this can drain your strength and energy.

If you stop eating healthy or miss on good nights sleep, you’ll ad to the load and make it heavier than it is.

Your priority is to keep this challenge to its real dimension.

Don’t let this problem expand and impact on the other areas of your life.

A break up is a relationship challenge.

Make sure that your health does not suffer from it.

How do you do that? 3 simple steps:

· Eat healthy.

· Exercise.

· 8 hours sleep.

Your “guidelines” for health are always the same, but you need an extra kick of determination to maintain them.

Don’t let your break up impact on your health.

Your body is one of your greatest assets.

You want to be fully functional on that level.

It is your task to protect what is yours.

Don’t take a self destructive spiral.

Do what it takes to stay healthy!