Stop negative thinking

Is negative thinking ruining your life?

Negative thinking patterns are these ongoing loops of thoughts which endlessly drain your energy.

They are cycles of guilt, anger, frustration, doubt, disbelief, etc. There is a pretty long list of limiting mind patterns like these ones.

You know how they work because you probably experienced them every now and then.

A “stop negative thinking” session is extremely practical and targeted. It is by phone one on one with your coach.

How do you get rid of negative thinking? You bring in more power.

The first goal of a coaching session is to give you the tools to tap into your natural sources of power. These sources are already in you and you can discover a simple system to access them. We apply these techniques to negative thinking because this might be your first need. This might be your present challenge.

How do you get rid of negative thinking? Here is what we do in a session:

Identify what you want: This is the first step. You discover exactly what your needs are and what you want to reach. You identify exactly the key mind pattern you want to target in this session.

Understand inner resistances: Negative mind patterns exist for simple reasons. You’ll understand the dynamics of negative thinking and discover exactly what to do when you feel “attached” to these patterns.

Dissolve negative thinking: You have a natural resource in you: it is called renewal power. It is the force you use to delete what you no longer need in your life. You can observe this force at work in your environment when you throw away old things.

You have a similar type of force which works on your mind level and has the power to dissolve old mind patterns you no longer need. If you want to move forward, it is essential to create space and free energy. This is what you do when you dissolve negative mind patterns. In this “stop negative thinking” session, you’ll get a simple technique which does just that.

Gain power: These sessions are geared to give you more power. It is first the power to protect your mind space.

In other terms, you empower your emotional foundation. Your emotional foundation is your core of energies. It is the foundation on which your mind rests. When you feel vulnerable and dissatisfied, it is related with a weak emotional foundation. When your emotional foundation is strong, you feel stable and secure.

There is a very simple quality in you which strengthens your emotional foundation. It is easy to tap into it when you know where to find it.

In a “stop negative thinking” session, I will show you a very simple technique which connects you with this inner source of power and stability. It is a natural instinctual resource you can strengthen effortlessly.

Positive mind design: your long term goal is to prevent negative mind patterns to appear in the first place. Discover the basics of consciously recreating your mind.

Key ideas: You’ll discover a wide range of key concepts which help you understand how negative thinking works. We’ll touch upon ideas like: Your inner defense mechanism. Instinctual responses. What is an energy sponsor? Your inner power architecture. What is mind power, body power and instinctual power? etc. you won’t be flooded with complex concepts, simply offered some simple models to increase your understanding.

Life power: The key to successful power building is integration. You’ll discover some simple dynamic techniques to make sure that both mind and body are vitalized.

As you can see, a coaching session is packed with tools and key ideas. The goal is that you get your needs met. So, you’ll discover exactly what you need.

Once you feel empowered on an emotional or mind level, you know you can respond to opportunities and simply go for what you want. Doubts, hesitations and negative beliefs simply bounce on the surface of your mind. You feel confident.


What are negative loops?

Negative loops are the visible part of an inner conflict.

It is the conflict between two energy realities: The first energy reality is you, your desires, wishes, will power, etc. The second energy reality is your environment, external sources of influence, negative past experience, etc. It is simply the force which stops your natural flow of power and life force.

When you solve this “inner conflict” by empowering your mind foundation, negative thoughts naturally disappear because you break through.

What we do in a coaching session is first identify exactly the forces at play in your unique situation.

The second step is to give you two easy to use techniques which stop negative thinking.

A third step is to build new empowering beliefs. This is part of the gaining power process. This means replace the negative mind patterns by positive ones. This is a very natural step. A negative mind pattern has no use. It is an anchor which stops you from moving forward.

The fourth step is to check for potential pitfalls and make sure you have all the tools you need to maximize your mind power in the future. This means clearing the way. You discover simple ways to prevent negative thinking from appearing in the first place.

What you get from a coaching session is extra power in very different forms. It is extra tools and techniques, understanding and free energy.

I offer you support and together, we create an empowering cluster of energy. This is why a coaching session is such a transformative experience. You create a new support network and break through limiting forces.

There is more! Much more. Power is such an essential aspect of your life. Within a single coaching session, you can discover simple tools you’ll use for the rest of your life.

Here are some key extra benefits of increasing your power:

A stronger personal base: This is what we call emotional or mind foundation. It’s the very core of your thoughts and beliefs. Power strengthens this core and gives you extra confidence and energy.

Tools to create healthy relationships with others: No more space invasion from others. Everyone benefits from clear and respectful boundaries. No more withdrawal of your own desires or needs. You find it easy to stand for who you are and what you want.

Negativity proof: what it means: you feel stronger psychically. No more rejection set backs. No more people impacting on you with negativity. It simply does not reach you anymore.

Higher energy level: Emotional fuel. There is no suppression of wants and therefore much higher vitality level. You feel energized by your actions, thoughts and interaction with others.

You go for it! Your conquering power is multiplied. Your break through fears, doubts and hesitations and empower your action stream. You trust life, trust yourself and trust your instincts. You find it easy to take risks and step beyond your comfort zone.

Now, simply sit back and imagine for a second how your life would feel if you had more of these qualities in it.

Understand that these are tools, resources and skills that you already have in you.

If you did not use them before, it might simply be because you went another way.

Something natural happens when you meet someone: it’s called balance of power. It’s an instinctual response which establishes a spontaneous exchange of energies between two people. If you did not use your natural power in the past it is often because you did not want to hurt anyone or simply did not realize it was your right to use it. On the long term, this attitude makes you smaller than you truly are.


2 powerful, easy to use techniques which will stop negative thinking

I know what you think: “If these techniques exist, how come I did not find them earlier?”, “If it’s so easy, how come people still get trapped within negative thinking patterns?”.

The answers are simple:

These techniques are new. I have been experimenting with them on myself for about 10 years. In fact they became so much part of my life that I almost forgot they were there. It is only 2 years ago that I have been confronted with client’s situations where I thought: “Maybe this would work for others as well”. I first started experimenting these techniques with other coaches and some friends. And it is now that this “system” is really mature that I offer it on the net.

As these techniques are truly the heartbeat of these coaching sessions, I decided to reveal them only to those who truly need them.

There are about 2000 free articles on . Literally hundreds of tips and techniques you can get for free but with these new techniques, I take another road. Why? because I believe this is how you get the best results: Direct transmission of the technique within a coaching session.


Why does negative thinking happen?

In a coaching session, we’ll find answers to the most basic question: “why does negative thinking happen and what can you do to avoid it?”.

Understanding and getting clear answers is part of the coaching and your long term success with gaining mind power.

You will discover new and refreshing perspectives on the hidden dynamics of your mind.

Solving negative mind patterns is one step. Giving you all the tools to prevent them from happening is the second step.


In what situations can you use these techniques?

Here are some classical examples of negative mind states.

These techniques can be applied successfully in the following areas:

2. Fears, etc

3. Anger, etc

4. Negative thinking, etc.

5. Sadness, etc.

6. Guilt, etc.

Partially covered

1. Hatred, etc.

8. Identity crisis

Not covered by these techniques

7. Mental heath issues like depression, I would definitely recommend you visit a mental health specialist (Psychotherapist or psychiatrist)

I use techniques which are definitely on the empowering, self growth and mind power area. The key quality input is power. My first goal in a coaching session is to give you or help you tap into your natural sources of power.

Here are some classical life situations where these tactics will have the greatest impact:

  • Dating success
  • Divorce support
  • Break up recovery
  • Burn out
  • Male identity crisis
  • Social skills
  • Etc.

Waking up your power happens first in your mind and you can use your new skills in almost any life situation. These techniques will simply give you a stronger base and the tools to tap at will in your inner natural sources of power.


Why life coaching works

I love e-books but they have one limitation: They are static and don’t respond to what you say. You still have to do all the work by yourself. Life coaching is different because it establishes a synergy (a greater energy reality focused on your goal). You get much more support, create momentum and energy simply by interacting with your coach.

What about forums or friends? Again, this is a great source of help when you want to break through something in your life or gain new skills. Now, Life coaching takes this to the next level. Why is that? because you interact with an expert. A coach is not someone who comes with general tips and advice. It’s more than that: It’s a system, a whole dynamic designed to wake up your deep potentials. You immerse yourself in a renewal stream conductive for specific life shifts. You truly connect with your unique line of evolution.


Sign in for your first coaching session

Coaching is direct, user’s friendly and super effective. Sessions are targeted to your needs and no time is wasted. My main expertise is helping clients get their power back.

About the author

Shiva Rajaya

Tantrika / Life coach / Activator of new evolutionary codes for the planet and humankind

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