Take care of yourself – ARTICLE

Again, shift priorities!

You need to take care of yourself and there is only one way to do this:

· Eat healthy

· Get 8 hours sleep

· Exercise

The guidelines for health are always the same.

Now, when you burn out, you need extra focus and will power to establish basic attitudes which will energize you long term

Remember, the only reason you get exhausted is because your body and mind do not regenerate enough.

You use too much energy and don’t resource enough.

To shift this balance, you need to shift habits and attitudes.

You need to make regeneration your top priority.

Love yourself!

Give yourself the respect you deserve!

Your mind and body are doing all the work. They need to be rewarded and treated accordingly.

In a way, a burnout is an inner rebellion. Your body and mind scream “Enough!” until you listen.

Do not ignore this call!

Listen and do something about it!

You are the most important person in your life.

If you collapse, everything collapses! Not just you!

Family, children, partner, friends, work!

Everything goes down with you!

This is why it is essential to shift priorities and start giving to yourself first.

Self sacrifice is no longer needed!

You can have it all + Total respect for yourself

When you burn out, you cheat on yourself.

You pretend that your well being does not matter or comes later.

However, your body, mind and well being are your responsibility.

They were given to you and to no one else!

This means that it is your responsibility to stay on track.

You are the one who can do something about it and shift things around.

You are the designer of what happens next.

Will you need to fight to get your balance back?

Probably yes!

Will you need new tools?


Is it within your range?

Of course it is!!!!

You deserve this, so give it to yourself.