The only tactic you'll ever need

The only tactic you’ll ever need

With power comes competition. Any game, any sport, any business needs tactics and strategies to succeed.

When you create your own business, you start with a business plan. This is your vision. It is your system.

Tactics and strategies take this one step further. They are designed to lead you to victory within a competitive environment.

Tactics tend to be secret. The moment you unveil them, you loose your competitive edge. This is why businesses fiercely protect their R & D sectors. They do not reveal the details of their marketing strategies because this would of course give advantage to their competition.

The usual equation has always been: win or loose. Effective tactics can lead you to victory.

In the world of coaching, personal development and progressive business concepts, we have been evolving to new “battle” models which focus on win-win or even third win.

When you focus on win-win, no one looses. Everyone wins!

If you experienced that type of victory even once, you know that this type of “scoring” takes the thrill of winning to the next octave.

There is something immensely exciting about win-win. It’s exhilarating to realize that it is now within your range to focus your strategies and tactics on making everyone win.

Competition takes a totally new meaning in the win-win mind set. Your opponent is not the one in front of you: your “opponent” becomes a new set of forces which simply resist the flow of victory to happen.

For instance, if you train for speed, as a team, your first opponent is gravity itself.

The tactics are designed to take the team one step further.

Creating a win-win is an opportunity you can’t miss. When confronted with the choice between the two models “win-loose” or “win-win”, which one do you choose?

Team work definitely requires win-win. Now, what is team work? If you stretch the limits far enough, a country becomes a team, the whole of humankind becomes a team.

Take a divorce situation for instance: You can fight with your ex in court or focus on win-win solutions.

The need to fight is there of course. There is a natural instinctual pattern which sometimes calls for a win-loose mind set. Win-loose happens in nature. Look at a predator with its prey. Look at competition for growth in the rain forest: the trees which reaches the light first will survive. The others might die hidden in the shade.

When you see Russia and the US collaborating on a space development program, that’s obviously a win-win, isn’t it?

There are of course still some forces in the US government which would rather focus on the win-loose model and keep competing with the “enemy”.

The moment, the Berlin wall did fall, this was symbolically the moment the planet shifted from win-loose to win-win. What an initiation! I don’t know about you, I had tears coming into my eyes.

With mind power, the number one tactic is to go for win-win. This could be the only tactic you’ll ever need.

Does it mean that the “fight” is over? not at all, the target has simply shifted. The true challenge is now somewhere else.

This is not a new age idea. This is not about turning your life into a dull stream of sensitive actions. Keep on using and developing your conquering power. Your fighting power won’t die. When you need an adrenaline rush you will still get it.

What happens now is that you can focus on a target which really matches the size of your ambitions.

Should you drop you win-loose tactics? Not at all! win-win takes two sides to make it work. For instance, if you are in a fight with your ex, it might sometimes be impossible to stop the conflict from going to court because of too much resentment.

On the other hand, the win-win mind set is gaining more power today. I think people simply get tired of fighting and wasting energy. if you try it out, you might embrace the win-win model and be thrilled by the results.

Collaboration for survival is another win-win example: the coral fish and the sea anemone is one example of such win-win tactic.

Win-win is in your genes. It is already there. All you need to do is sometimes tame your fighting spirit and repolarize your energy within a new mind set.

Sometimes, you have no choice of course, but if you check it further, you might wake up to the realization that the real tactic is not to destroy your opponent, it is to become a partner of their success.